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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 6, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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since then. but president obama is stressing the need for patience. >> climbing out of any recession much less a hole as deep as this one takes some time. the road to recovery doesn't follow a straight line. so what we need to do is keep pushing forward. we can't go backwards. >> he added that the july marked the seventh straight month of job creation in the private sector. not overall, but in the private sector. now a year ago, a white house report promised $787 billion of stimulus would cut unemployment to 8%. that has. happened yet. today one of the authors of that report christina romer is resigning. she tells msnbc that her decision to step down as head of the council of economic advisors is personal. >> it was purely for family reasons, i feel the economics team has learned to work together very well. >> i don't believe that at all. okay, publicly she's denying
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reports that the national economic counsel larry summers effectively limited her interaction with the president. there's a provocative -- he, quote, expressed biassed and blatantly sexist views about women's abilities. now we ha jane, first, let me ask you about christina romer. in the context of everything else that has happened, is that an issue that women should look out for? is it a possible sign of sexism. >> i do think that there is a problem with the economics team in the white house, having a problem with women. larry summers and timothy geithner has both had run anyones -- boys are genetically better at science and he also had a run in with broxly boren when she warned against derivatives regulation, and he
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was part of the kabul -- timothy geithner has very much been clashing with sheila bexar. but i think that the temptation to view this as a matter of sexism or as part of the larger problem within the white house itself with sexism, rahm emanuel, valerie jarrett's clashes. what's really happening here is that romer really doesn't want to be associated with that 8% jobs prediction that she made and her leading force is larry summers to wear it. unfortunately, what's happening is that summers and geithner are uncomfortable having people around them who were right during these crises, they don't like to be reminded that they were aggressively wrong and so joe stiglet and paul roker are
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as -- >> jane, now had to come out with those accusations that regards to elizabeth warren is holdup was the issue of sexism. given what you have said, given that obama has nominated women to the supreme court. given that the secretary of state is a woman, can we put the sexism charge aside and say it might be other things, but it's not that? >> let's think about what we're saying here, obama is a very good job, hillary clinton, secretary of state, appointing women to the supreme court, but all of these women work inside the culture of the white house. inside the white house is very much a boy's culture. and they do not like having people around them that remind them they were wrong. and it silences voices that could be providing some balance and perspective and there's no
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question that they have some women issues in there. but there is a larger problem which is they don't want to listen to people who could be giving them good advice, period. >> is this a real problem for progressives because christina romer was a more progressive woman in the white house. now that she's left is it just the old guard who is as you said totally wrong about this economic collapse and is that a really bad sign for the obama administration? >> as an american, i think there's a point at which you have to stop blaming george w. bush for the country's economic problems who keep the same team on there who was there at the time. we keep having the same problems, these were the guys who got it wrong and i think it is worrisome that obama is not surrounding himself with disparate voices who were right
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about tim pending disaster and gives them power within his administration. now back to today's jobs numbers, president obama is expressing optimism about the economy though he admits that progress must come faster. while it's true that 71,000 jobs were added last month in the private sector. it's still well below the 90,000 that economists had predicted. does the gop have its own jobs creation plan? republican congressman from hawaii. i would ask you for your job creation plan, but before you say, can i guess? is it tax cuts? >> i think that's part of it. it's clear, our economy needs more private sector jobs, not more public sector programs. the current mentality being pushed by the majority in congress right now is to spend,
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spend, and if that doesn't work, spend some more. and if there's any talk about jobs, it's defending public sector jobs. this current administration and the current congress is willing to spend the people's money to no end to create public sector jobs. >> whether we agree or disagree on that, i'm curious as to what the republican plan is, how would you create jobs? >> yes, tax cuts are certainly part of it. we need to put more money in the pocket books and the purses of average americans. i have far more faith in hundreds of millions of americans spepdsing a few hundred more than bureaucrats spending hundreds of millions of dollars. and it's time we look at canceling the unspent stimulus money and the unspent t.a.r.p. money and giving it back to the american people. 18 months now, 19 months into the current administration, the current majority in congress, things have only gotten worse. >> congressman, let me challenge
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you on that, because i know something that clearly did not work, record breaking tax cuts under george w. bush which led to an economic disaster and over 8 million jobs lost. so why do you think more tax cuts would be the answer when it seems they created the problem in the first place? >> a few things, the tax cuts occur in 2001 and 2003. the 2001 tax cuts did not create an economic recession in 2003 and 2004. our economic meltdown back in the third and fourth quarter of 2008. even if i do acknowledge what the bush administration had done was wrong and put us in this mess, the current administration and the current majority in congress most certainly are not getting us out of this mess. we're looking at changing the direction and changing the priorities here in washington, d.c. >> you're touting two different issues. obama got handed a $1.2 trillion deficit. now he's expanded to make it
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$1.4 trillion or $1.5 trillion. we when you say bigger government is the problem, do you mean we have regulated too much or we have spent too much and do you agree that we should do a little bit more regulation of the banks? >> a couple of things in terms of the financial services industry and financial services reform, i think what had happened back in 2008 was not a lack of regulation, but a lack of enforcement of existing regulations. the answer isn't expanding the size of the bureaucracy, hiring more government workers, and i will admit, yes, what the bush administration, and i also think the previous republican congress deserves some of the blame. but what's going on now in washington has turned a bad situation and made it much, much worse. >> congressman, i'm sorry, but that just doesn't seem justifiable, because i know you weren't in congress, but they
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get -- do you guys -- the republican party lost 8 million jobs trying your way. i mean it's the same exact plan as you did before. why would it be any different now? >> let me again, let me respond here, that the tax cuts that occurred in 2001, trying to save the tax cuts in 2001 trager an economic recession seven years later is not -- >> anti-regulation and everything else you have tried, it's the same formula you're going to try now. i'm afraid we're going to lose 8 million more jobs using the same formula. >> what the current administration and the current congress are doing is even worse. since the democrats took over back in 2007 and the obama administration came on in january of 2009, things have gotten only worse. unemployment has gone from 7% to 9.5%. we have lost 2.5 million jobs since the stimulus package was created. that's not progress, that's taking things in the absolute wrong direction. i will say i agree with the
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president, we need to turn things around, and we can start by changing the priorities of this current congress. >> i think if you don't agree with the current administration, some new ideas by the republicans may help. how can they step up their fight against the gop? i'll talk to florida congressman alan grayson about that and more. plus labor unions have given millions to the democratic party over the years, so are they getting their money's worth? the president of the united auto workers joins us live. and nobody wants to go to charlie rangel's 80th birthday bash. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's cleanup on the gulf coast. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes
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they control white house and the kbhi, and the candidates swept into power with an overwhelming message of hope and change. and now president obama's -- it's not as if the dems haven't gotten a lot done, but could it be they're not fighting the republicans hard enough? >> you vote yes if you believe yes, you vote in favor of something if you believe it's the right thing, if you believe it's the wrong thing, you vote no. i will not yield to the governor and the gentleman will observe regular order. the gentleman will observe regular order. >> and the gentleman will also sit, i got that from that clip. will others adopt his strategy as they realize the political benefits of fighting back? alan grayson democrat from florida joins me live from florida.
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this is what he said about republicans earlier and we'll see your reaction. >> you got these folks who drove america's economy into a ditch. and now we finally got that car up on the black top there, about to drive, and they say they want the keys back. well, you can't have the keys because you don't know how to drive. >> i feel like i have seen him say that a million times now, but is it enough? and do the democrats need to get much tougher? >> the president has a point, what happened is as i would put it, the republicans drove us to the brink of national bankruptcy and now they want to throw us over the clip. i have heard nothing from the republicans that says they learned anything from their mistakes. they left us with a shattered economy, they left us with nine years of war, they left us with
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the banks running our domesticic policy, with the big oil companies running our environmental policy, they left us with a million dollar industrial plex. we have to make it clear to people that there is a choice. i think people understand that. i think people know that there's a choice. but what the other side has been trying to do is because people recognize that they're crazy, they want us to look like we're lazy. we want them to know that the democrats can make their lives better and can overcome this failed ideology of a open market. >> getting more gr session aif as we get closer to elections, but before that, there's a lot of backing down, you backed down on van jones, a.c.o.r.n., shirley sherrod, the president takes a health care reform plan to take out that provision he objected to. there was a lot of retreat before this attack.
3:17 pm
do you think the democratic party hasn't been tough enough in letting slating and making their case? >> you've got to realize that you've got only three friends in life, that's god, your mama and the democratic party. and do be too sure about your mama. >> people are say dwlug're in can hoots with the tea party and you're helping to get the tea party elected. >> these are the same people who think that adam and eve wrote on the backs of dinosaurs. the same people. >> i guess that means no truth in it according to you. i wind want to ask you about net neutrality. this is about whether the phone companies and other providers can regulate the internet and can slow certain websites down and that would be very problematic in terms of freedom of speech, etc.
3:18 pm
now it seems some people are saying that you're not going in that direction than you're opposed to fcc regulating on this issue. how do you respond to that? >> no, that's not true at all. if what i want to see is i want to see statutory protection, the best prosection for net true centrality. i would like to see constitutional -- i want to make sure that nobody messes with your internet and i feel very strongly about that. i have some experience with the fcc, my experience with the fcc is that -- just last week we found out that the general counsel of the fcc was having private meetings with the telephone companies to cave in on net true centrality. -- net neutrality. >> if you go to congress, you know the republicans are going to want loopholes, you're going to get mired in debate, et cetera, et cetera. hey, you know what? we're going to change it through
3:19 pm
executive order, through regulation, have the fcc step in and say we're absolutely, positively going to have net neutrality. even if you're going to do statute, why don't you do that first because it's easier and gets the job done? >> i think it's more likely they can affect the fcc and do what they want through the fcc. half of the fcc worked for big telephone companies and the other half will work for big telephone companies i'm very skeptical. >> i'm skeptical we're going to get anything done soon. >> we have to overcome that, we can't let the republicans hold the country hostage over as something as important as the internet. we have to overcome that resistance and beat them once and for all.
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good luck with your show. it's supposed to be one of the biggest political parties of the year, but it's now becoming an embarrassment. how the guest list for congressman rangel's 80 birthday is shrinking. details ahead. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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3:24 pm
earlier she had stated that she does not believe the constitution has a separation of church and state. sharon angle also stated several times she believes abortion should be illegal under all circumstances, even rape and incest. she would counsel them to make a lemon situation into lemonade. here's my take, if the republican party goes any further to the right, they're going to fall off a cliff. they're about to lose an election to harry reid. how the hell did you manage to do that? angle was up by 11 points and now she's down by 7. those tea parties are quickly turning into lemonade parties, good luck with that strategy. next up, just as the republicans are shooting themselves in in the foot, here comes rangel's --
3:25 pm
surprise, surprise, politicians and celebrities are turning him down left and right. one politician said she had to attend a fireman's parade. another one said she had to avisit out of town family. i can't make it, i have to walk my dog. come o as an old school jamaica grandfather used to say, run, run, run, stay, stay, stay. earlier in the week we discussed how elizabeth warren was receiving overwhelming support for the nomination to head up the consumer financial protection bureau. today she may have gotten the mack daddy of all endorsement, that's right, i'm talking about dr. phil. he says this is the first time he has ever made a political
3:26 pm
comment on his blog noting that elizabeth warren is too important not to speak out. despite nearly every expert in the field and some that are not remotely related to the field saying warren is clearly the most qualified. what more does president obama need to make this decision? judge jude? the pope? the dalai lama? kanye west? can you imagine if kanye interrupted the speech earlier today? excuse me, please nominate elizabeth warren. that would have been ah smchlt
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i'm hampton pierson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks carrying earlier losses, the dow down 453 points, the s&p down about 7 and the nasdaq down about 50 points.
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1 million pounds of beep have been recalled because of fear of ecollie. valley immediate company sold the tainted beef in texas, oregon and abroad. for more information on the beef recall, you can search for recalls at that's it from cnbc. welcome back to msnbc, i'm cenk uygur. you can catch me on my website young a report by the american institute for economic research
3:31 pm
shows that between 1990 and 2009, labor unions contributed a staggering $614 million to support democratic candidates. that's 92% of their total political contributions over that period. in 2008 alone, labor unions gave more than $68 million to the democratic party. given those numbers, it's no wonder that president obama made a viz it the to the afl-cio to reaffirm his commitment to fixing the economy. >> the middle class has been struggling now for about a decade. ten years in which folks felt the sting of stagnant incomes and sluggish job growth it's going to take some time to preverse all that's been done, but we're on the right track. >> joining us now, bob king, president of the united auto
3:32 pm
workers, bob, let me ask you did you get your money's worth. >> we certainly have, we have a lot of members back to work, we're getting new investment, new products in our plants, things are really picking up in the auto industry. >> in the auto industry, i certainly understand your case, but overall for the labor unions, you didn't get car check, for the public option, you didn't get that, you basically got insulted in the arkansas primary race, are the democrats doing enough for all the money the unions are giving them? >> the democrats are doing a great job for our membership across the country. without the stimulus, 3 million jobs would not be there that are there today. the cash for clunkers put a lot of americans back to work. if the president had not believed in american worked and invested in american workers there would be a lot less jobs right now. this president has stood behind working people, we were in a big ditch because of the bush administration, a trillion
3:33 pm
dollar deficit, we're working our way out of this ditch, the president's leading the way, we're back in them. >> richard trunka said that we're -- >> we should always support people who work for and fight to protect working peel and people that don't, then we should find alternatives. >> let's go back to the idea of the democrats. that was your number one priority and originally with 60 senators, the overwhelming lead in the house and a democratic president, they didn't get it done, doesn't that mean they're never going to get it done? you've got to have persistent, you've got to have belief and faith. i have a lot of faith in the democrats. i think that nancy pelosi is the best speaker we have had. it takes time to get out of that
3:34 pm
deep hole, and we understand for the good of all of america, health care is very important, financial reform is very important. do we still want a fair process for worker toss decide if they join unions? of course we do. we think of the greater good, of the greater society. so we support president obama in these initiatives and we'll continue to support democrats and support workers. if it wasn't for a broken system in the senate, we would have 400 more bills that would have helped working america pass, but the backlog of the jam is in the senate, we need to fix that. >> all right, bob king, you have been very clear, thank you very much. look, here's my take on this, the unions are not my uncles, they don't pay my bills. but if someone kept taking my money and slapping me in the face, i would probably stop giving them my money. i can't believe it's taken this long for the unions to realize that democrats love to show their centrist ways by beating up the unions and they till
3:35 pm
haven't recognized it. i don't have a dog in this fight but as a matter of logic, the unions would be crazy not to tie performance to their contributions as the nra does and as almost every other lobby does. they should put some thought behind that. time for a look at some other stories we're following today. we are going to begin in maryland with a murder scene that even seasoned police detectives are calling absolutely horrific, two women and two children were found dead in a home overflowing with trash. police have not named any suspects but they believe the murder may have known the victims. investigators are not yet revealed how they died. as mud and cement are being poured to perm nemtly plug the worst oil spill in history, bp is considering drilling in that same area in the future. the oil reservoir where the leak has happened still has lots of
3:36 pm
oil and gas and the possibility of drilling nearby not out of the question. haiti could be getting a rapper as president. hip-hop star wyclef jean has filed papers to run for office in his home hand. a form here is a head scratcher for you, a county official in oregon is apologizing after health inspectors shut down a business. that business was a lemonade stand run by this gorgeous 7-year-old girl. officials have apologized to the girl's mother calling the stand a classic american kid thing to do. >> i lobby for more regulation of the banks, but that's overregulation. >> what idiots that's ridiculous. >> i'm going to get a little dylan ratigan here, does the banks give money to the politicians so they don't get
3:37 pm
regulated this poor girl didn't give any money to anybody. >> she's only charging 5 cents for a glass of lemonade. as the tea party lost it's mojo in main treatment candidates beat out the tea party in civil race this is week. plus is reaganomics better for the country than obama n obamanomics? [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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midterm campaigns are taking a high gear. but one year after the tea party is born, does this still carry the same punch? candidates with tea party support in tennessee, michigan and kansas all lost primaries this week to more traditional republicans candidates. two of these tea party candidates had the endorsement
3:41 pm
of former alaska governor sarah palin. andrew langer is the president of the institute for liberty. andrew, how do you describe the current condition of the tea party? >> in the end, folks are really looking at the fall elections and the tea party active it ises are doing what active it ises all over the country should have done. what's wonderful about the tea party, is that it's brought us a plethora of different candidates from which to choose. i think that they're as fired up as ever and you're going to see that with big national events that are going to be happening in the next six to eight weeks. >> was it wonderful to lose an 11-point lead that sharon angle had over harry reid and mow she's trailing? >> when you have a primary that happens, you have candidates
3:42 pm
that rebound after a primary, certainly, you know, you have spent weeks with candidates fighting with each other and it's hard for parties to come back together after that. plus you're talking about somebody who's -- that's always a tough thing to do, but he's got plenty of backing behind him. money talks in campaigns and he's got a lot of finances behind him. >> democrats are actually tries to help tea party candidateses in fourth different states. i don't know if that's true, but that is the report. have you heard anything about that and do you think it's a good idea for democrats to help tea party candidates? >> it's always dicey when you go and play in the other party's turf. and it can look a little sneaky. i don't think that's the big story. i do think what we have seen here is the use of the language and the organizing influence of fox news around what are basically traditional
3:43 pm
conservative activists with some new branding and some new ideas. i think people will be making a profound mistake to cherry pick a few races where challengers that are winning. the challengers that we're talking about started out talking about very low odds. you look at rand paul and people who really did upset the republican establishment, they know where these insure jechbt groups really are. to the point about senator read, i think most analysts would tell you at this juncture you're better off not being associated with the governing majority. the fact that he's pulling through says something about his tenacity. so it's more than a two-way race and that also goes to reid's benefit. >> we reported earlier in the show, she talked about turning lemons into lemonade when talking about a young girl, in a hypothetical situation who might have been raped by her father. that's crazy talk and how can
3:44 pm
that kind of crazy talk help the republican party and the polls seem to indicate they're not helping. >> i don't think i said that the kind of talk that sharon angle is saying does help the republican party, i don't think i said anything either way about what kind of a candidate sharon angle is. there's some very important reasons why harry reid is doing so much better than he otherwise ought to be in the polls. he's got a lot of momentum behind him for all sorts of reasons. >> it's because she's looney tunes. everybody knows this, he was in a decembsperate hole. you're giving a great gift to the democratic party by running people that are more to the right. let me follow with you, at the end, bush and cheney were incredibly unpopular and now the strategy is to go further to the right. how does that strategy make sense? >> i think you're confusing a whole host of issues of why bush
3:45 pm
and cheney were unpopular. bush and china were unpopular with the right and to the left for a whole host of reasons. and what that tea party is about size of government, the tea party is about government spending, it's about taxes, it's about the intrusion in every day life, that's what that movement has been about, that's what it remains about. >> well, let me finish up with you. if the tea party actually challenged government, and they say hey, we're going to take on corruption, wall street, washington, whatever it is. then i might be on board too. but it looks like they're driving the republican party further to the right as you see with all these different candidates. do you think politically that's a smart idea for republicans? >> i think they're getting by with what some people would call
3:46 pm
a bait and switch, what you're calling extreme right wing activism. also gets conflated as an outsider go get washington mentality. when that's the message, it may seem right wing, but when it plays out as being tough on washington, i do think it plays out. the party's never over until you feel the hangover, and that's going to come after election day when they have to govern with some of these folks who may not agree on very much with the traditional republicans and that brings over the larger question, which is is this party about taking on the ruling class in washington or is it about selling that and going there and making deals with big government conservatives. >> when the party's over is what i'm going to get to next in my take. now, look, i like to make predictions so here's a nice controversial one for you. the tea party is the cancer of
3:47 pm
the republican party. if they were actually fighting against corruption in government, it would be a positive movement. but if all they do is drive the republican party farther and farther to the right, they're going to hurt them more in the long run as they become convinced that radicalism is the right answer. after 2010, the long, sad decline of the republican party will begin and we will look back and say it started at a party, the te party. we'll be right back. 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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in 1981, our critics charge that heing you keep more of your earnings would trigger an inflationary explosion, send interest rates soaring and destroy our economy. well, we cut your tax rates anyway by nearly 25%. and what that helped trigger was falling inflation, falling interest rates, and the strongest economic expansion in 30 years.
3:51 pm
>> president ronald reagan making his case for an economic philosophy that came to be known as reaganomics. his approach of so-called supply side for trickle down economics is credited by some with turning things around in the 1980s. today president obama's economic plan has yet to do the job. is it a fair comparison? or is it too early to judge what are some calling now obamanomics. you say he reduced the burden of government while obama increased the burden, hean that's why we're not seeing the same results. can you expand? >> obviously it's early, so we don't want to make sweeping provisions. but we saw lower tax rays, deregulation. with obama we're seeing more
3:52 pm
regulation. more taxes. i'm not predicting it will cause a permanent recession or depression, but i am saying over the long run our economy won't be as vibrant. we're not going to grow as fast and create as many jobs. that's what happened in places like france. i don't want to go down the path. >> i fear you're missing enormous context. when reagan brought down the tax rates it was still at 50% in 198 #. capital gains at 30%. do you want to go back to the reagan numbers? >> well, reagan bought the top tax rate all the way down to 28%. >> you were quoting 1983 numbers. >> i was pointing out that within a year or two of reagan's tax cuts actually being
3:53 pm
implemented, the economy started to grow quickly. we'll still have a better tax code than when we did when carter left office. i'm not saying the world is going to end. i'm saying we're moving in the wrong direction. every additional step to becoming a european welfare state, we are consigning ourselves to a more stagnant economy. >> tax rates between 1945 and 1980 were 71 to 94%. our economy grew. tax rates under bush dropped. the economy crashes. but i want to ask you about the fed as well. remember, what really helped reagan recover is they had interest rates in 1981 at 19%, lowering those was a tremendous help. now we're at near zero percent. doesn't the fed have a huge role in this? >> the fed deserves the blame for the recession of the early
3:54 pm
'80s and the recession in 2008 and 2009. any time the central bank goes with an easy money policy, it either causes malinvestment or inflation or a recession. but i will give reagan credit. he told the federal reserve, do what's best for the economy, even if it means we have a short run paying. he wanted to make america strong again. that h meant getting inflation down. whoo i worry about with obama and bernanke is all easy money as far as the eye can see. keep interest rates artificially low. that's what got us into the mess. we should have a strong dollar policy. >> we have surprising agreement on that. i don't like the low interest rates either. dan mitchell, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> at the beginning of the week i told you we would be challenging the government on the show. i think we delivered. we challenged the republicans and the president all week long. we took obama to t.a.r.p., liz
3:55 pm
bit warren, civil lib terties and many others. please, no more half measures. this country elected you because you ran on the message of change. they gave you huge majorities in the house and senate. what did you use it for? health care reform with the private insurers are still the only option. yes, there were positive parts to the bill. but the system remains the same. how about financial reform? where the banks are still too big to fail. don't you get it? if and when they crash the economy again, they're going to blame you. and that's my point. if banks and insurance companies and conservative media all attack you with 100% ve rosty no matter what you do, why didn't you try for 100% change. instead we got pocket change. now if it's not good enough to pull us out of the rut, then they're going to say progressive ideas didn't work. but it ain't over. you still have two and a half
3:56 pm
years to take the fight to them. remember when you did you didn't want to play the washington games better? you wanted to change the game, i'm sorry, but right now the fwam game is exactly as it was before. i'm asking for your own good and from now onto have the courage to give the american people the change you promised them. that's our show for this friday. i'm cenk uygur. up next, "the dylan ratigan show." gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility
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for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf, but our spotter planes and helicopters will keep searching for any oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. we're finding less oil every day, but we've still got thousands of vessels ready to clean it up. local shrimp and fishing boats, organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 35 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. as long as there's oil out there that could make it ashore, i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it. bp's commitment is that we will see this through. and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. my friend are s.o.l. when it comes to the j.o.b. picture in the country. today we'll talk about how we can rev up the economy. we'll also find out about a poerm potential huge new bailout. targeting people underwater in their mortgages. plus, let them eat cake. up in arms about her


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